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Private Tours in Turkey by Hakan Gurger & Co.

Explore Turkey's Magical Sites in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Bodrum etc with Turkey's Best Guides

"We are seasoned travellers and are accustomed to moving through new cities on our own. But we had never been to Istanbul and had only 2 and half days to see as much was we could. Because there is so much to see in Istanbul, we researched personalized guided tour options for efficiency of time (e.g. by-passing entry lines at major sites, no time waiting for tour buses to load and unload, no time at the obligatory tourist trap shops, etc).  After some careful research we chose the two-day VIP package offered by Hakan Gurger and it was exactly the experience we hoped to have.

Mr. Gurger is Turkish but completed his BA in political science at Northwestern University in Chicago. As such, his English is impeccable. As with top guides everywhere, he is very flexible in scheduling and seeks to give you the experiences you would like to have. Your priorities become his. He will offer you useful suggestions on alternatives or a more efficient ordering of events but he does not give you a fixed agenda that is an unchanging package. Your day starts with pick up in his BMW sedan at your hotel and you move through the day efficiently and comfortably. He is very personable and a congenial host, well versed in both the ancient and contemporary political forces and history at play in his city and his country. As a Political Science major it is clear that this is an informed perspective and not just hearsay or  “guide-talk”. Moving through the wonders of a city with such a rich and dynamic history with someone like Hakan turns merely seeing things into experiencing them in the context of their place in history. If that was not enough, this VIP service includes ferrying you to and from any evening events you choose, so that you are not at the mercy of unscrupulous taxi drivers. The package also includes personal airport pick up and delivery in a very comfortable Mercedes van.

If a personalized VIP experience is within your budget for Istanbul I doubt you could do better than to just put yourself in Hakan’s able hands, relax and enjoy the richness that Istanbul has to offer as seen through his eyes."

Drs. Thomas and Janice Freddo

Toronto, CANADA


Guides of Istanbul

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